Lose Your Excess Pounds In Just One Month With This Powerful Fat Melting Drink!

Our nature has been the main source of medicine since ancient times. There we can find nutrients that are needed for curing numerous diseases. The greatest advantage of natural medicine is that it doesn’t damage your body and it is cheap. The following drink is used for treating many issues and it is prepared of chia and lemon. It can prevent flu, fat buildup and cleanse the body.

Its ingredients are healthy and very good and when they are combined the result is amazing. The ingredients are easy to get and very cheap. This is how you can prepare this drink to burn the accumulated fat.

chia seeds

Needed ingredients:

  • One and a half glass of water
  • One tbs. of honey
  • One tbs. of chia seeds
  • Juice from one lemon


Soak the chia seeds for one hour and then, strain them and mix them with the lemon juice and water. Blend them until you get homogenous mixture. You should consume it in the morning on a daily basis. It will accelerate the metabolism and you will lose weight effectively and fast.

Here are some benefits of the lemon:

-It eliminates the fat due its content of flavonoids;
-It helps eliminate toxins as it is natural cleanser;
-The content of alkaline produces more gastric juices which help the food to be digested better;
-It has few calories only;
-it helps against bloating;
-It content of pectin, a soluble fat acts as absorbent and prevents binge and helps not to feel hungry;

Here are some benefits of chia seeds:

-They accelerate the metabolism and allow the burning process of fat around the waist and abdomen;
-They contain calcium that provides better digestion of the fats;
-They reduce the anxiety and generate satiety;
-They reduce bloating;
-Their content in fiber regulates the bowel function and eliminates the toxins;

Source_ naturalhealthyteam

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