Powerful Exercises To Cure Stiff Shoulder Or Neck At Home!

The most common cause of shoulder or neck pain is the poor posture. Others that contribute to this condition are stress, cold drafts and poor sleeping habits. You can treat this migraines, headaches, upper back pain and stiff neck by taking care of the posture. The muscle tension overload can lead to migraines and chronic headaches.

The pectorials, latissimus dorsi and trapezius are the three main muscles of the shoulder. They allow the arm to move. While the pectorials and the latissimus dorsi muscles are the movers of the arm, the rhomboids at the back provide stability to the shoulder joint. As the lats and the pecs work to rotate the arm, the rhomboids become weak and it can cause the shoulder joint to go far forward out of the natural alignment. But this can be avoided by using the rhomboids to strengthen the upper back.

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Here are some exercises to put the shoulders back into the right place.

Shoulder alignment exercise

Stand up and hang the arms loosely by the sides. Then, rotate the wrists outward. Release the lower arm rotation by turning the palms to the thighs from the elbow. Keep the upper arm and shoulders in the same position as the second position.

Relax the shoulders

Raised shoulders are causing the curve in the neck back to be too deep. Loosen the shoulders with circles exercises and arm-swings and proceed to neck exercises.

Arm swings

Stand in lunge position and place the left foot in front and the right one behind. Breathe in and swing the arm up (the right one) as far as you can. Breathe out and swing it down and bask as far as you can. Do 8 or more swings and increase the speed until the crackly noises disappear from the shoulder joint. Reverse in position of the feet and repeat the process with the other arm.

Full arm circles

Stand in the same position as before and make backward circles with the arm. Breathe in as you go up and breathe out when you go down. Increase the speed gradually until the arms throw off the tension. Repeat with the other side.

No, yes and maybe exercises

They allow the neck to move in the frontal axes, transverse and round the sagittal. Before you try to do these exercises, establish the severity of the pain by consulting a chiropractor or physician.
The Yes exercises, the point is to move the head down and up. If the neck back is free of tension completely, the chin should touch the breastbone. When you move upward, keep the back of the neck as long as you can at that position. If you suffer from a posterior disc bulge, you need to avoid too far down moves because it can increase the damage.
The No exercise, you need to keep your head central above the spine and try to see as far back as you can without lifting the nose. Repeat to the right and left until the neck noises disappear.
The Maybe exercise, you need to drop the ear down to the shoulder and keep the nose facing the front. Repeat the moves 8 more times until the noises in the neck disappear.

Head rolls

Roll the head slowly around and when you have done about 5 rolls, repeat on the other side. For better results, you can do this roll in warm bath where the head is virtually weightless.

Some sleeping conditions can also cause a stiff neck. A neck muscle contract can be caused during sleep if you sleep in a cold draft. Avoid the pillows that place the neck out of its natural alignment. The pillow needs to be firm and the head needs to lie flat on the ear without curving the neck’s other side.

By modifying the daily movements and being aware of the difference between the damaging movements and the good ones, you can heal yourself. Avoid making the damaging ones.
The great solution is the gravity inversion table. The bottom line is if you have to reduce the tightness, over-curvature and compression in the skeleton. This can be reached in a passive way with gentle antigravity traction. These exercises will help you develop an awareness and physical consciousness level to cure and treat a stiff shoulder or neck to ease the pain for good.

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