The 10 Best Health Issues Cured with Epsom Salt

The grandparents have always used Epsom salt for their recipes and now this has become a better medicine these days and it was popular as such for decades.

The mix of Epsom has magnesium sulfate, clean mineral with many benefits.

  • Less sprain pain
  • Soothing muscles
  • Detox for the body
  • Lower diabetes risk
  • Better insulin work
  • Managed stress and tension
  • Better bones
  • No hardened arteries
  • No blood clot formation
  • Soothing joint pain
  • Less bruises
  • Better sleep

This Epsom salt can be medicine, cleaning, beauty and even craft agent. It can also boost plant growth and flowers.

This salt also cures many health issues like:

1. Cough and flu

In the winter Epsom comes in handy. Soak in some Epsom bath for 20 min and all the minerals will help you.

2. Pain and aches in muscles

Add 2 cups Epsom in the tub water and soak for 12 min. then have the muscles refreshed.

3. Stress

Add 2 cups Epsom in a bathtub and add some drops eucalyptus oil, soak for 15 min and 3 times weekly. Every soak is 12 min.

4. Acne

The Epsom cleans pores and exfoliates the skin. It removes bacteria too and kills microbes.

5. Constipation

This salt is like laxative sine the mix for this is 1 tsp Epsom and glass of water. The magnesium sulfate gets water in the bowels and stool passes softer.

6. Hair care

This salt removes toxins of the hair and cleans the scalp too. just mix this and the hair mask ratio 1:1 and put this on the scalp. After 20 min, ash it off.

7. Facial wash

Add ½ tsp Epsom in the cleaning face cream and cleanse pores.

8. Inflammation and bug bites

Add 1 tbsp Epsom in ½ glass warm water then let this cool and apply where needed.

9. Remove splints

Soak a cotton in cold water with 2 tbsp Epsom in it. Apply this on the splinter and also make paste with 1 tsp Epsom and hot water 1 cup. After this is cool for 20 minutes apply on the whole splinter.

10. Healthy feet

Soak feet in basin of warm water and Epsom to remove their odor and make skin softer. This Mg Foot Scrub makes the skin softer and gives saturation with magnesium. Add 1 cup Epsom, olive oil, lemon soap and rub all this.

11. Mild sunburn

Soak in a bath with this salt

12. Gardening

The two major items here are the magnesium and salt, but also sulfur. They make the plant grow greener with more blooms and studies say with this there is noo need for more fertilizers and boosters.

13. Crafts

Epsom can also be used for holiday jars, fall décor, snowballs, greeting cards and all such things

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