8 Pressure Points that Will Reduce Your Stress in Seconds

Nowadays a lot of people suffer from stress and anxiety. It affects our health and lead to numerous diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.


One of the best ways to relief stress and feel calm is by focusing on a few key pressure points on our bodies.
8 Pressure Points that Will Reduce your Stress in Seconds:

  1. The Scalp. Place your fingers on your neck where it meets the skull. Then with your thumbs, press gently for 30 seconds.
  2. The Ear. With the cotton ball massage this point for few seconds and the stress will be gone.
  3. The Chest. Center of the chest point is the best for reliving stress and anxiety. Massage this point with your fingers for 20 seconds and you will calm your nervous system.
  4. The Stomach. Experts recommend this point because is the best for calming your body and it helps you improve your breathing.
  5. The Forearm. With your fingers press on inside elbow points in both arms, one by one.
  6. The Palm. This point is located on one of the most important meridians and it affects all vital organs. That is way massaging this point improves our health.
  7. The Calves. Press this point for 10 seconds and it will help you in increasing concentration and regulating energy flow.
  8. The Foot. Pressing this point balance circulation of energy and relieves our mind from worries and anxiety.

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