When there is a sudden and strong impact on the skin that damages the vessels, bruises happen. The blood flows into the neighboring tissue and this leads to marks that are blue, purple, or black and are very painful. They appear afew minutes after receiving a blow and the healing process can last up to 3 weeks.



There is a number of natural cures which can help bruises heal faster and they are the following:

Papaya and pineapple – they are packed with bromelain, an enzyme that reduces blood clots and swelling. You can speed up the healing process of the bruises by adding 50mg of this enzyme at the minimum each day.

Parsley – it reduces pain, controls inflammation, and blood clot. Crush some leaves and apply them on the bruise, bandage the area, and repeat the action a few hours later.

Onion – it is a natural anti-inflammatory agent which is helpful in repairing damaged skin cells, offering pain relief. Apply the juice of an onion on the bruise.

Vinegar and warm water – vinegar is great in breaking up the blood clots. You should apply a mixture of warm water and vinegar immediately after the bruise starts showing.

Bilberry – they are packed with antocyanosides (antioxidants) that make the blood vessels stronger and balance the vital collagen vital for skin renewal. Bruises form due to broken capillaries, thus it is important to have strong walls of the capillaries. Find extract of this fruit as a supplement pill or liquid form.

Arnica – it belongs to the family daisy and can be brought in different forms like tablets, oils, or gels. It is very potent cure when applied topically.

Herbal tea compress – there is high amount of tannis in teas and it is a powerful ingredient that can constrict blood vessels and decrease swollen tissue. Chamomile, lavender, green, and black tea are the best option, thus dip a tea bag in hot water and apply it on the bruise directly.

Vitamin K – it is very powerful in treating blood clots and tissue damage. You can find it in dark leafy vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts, thus incorporate them into your diet. For more powerful results rub some vitamin K cream on the bruise directly.

Almost all of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen. You will have to act ASAP to heal the bruise as the results will be more effective and faster that way. Ensure yourself not to move around after getting the bruise as jumping, running, or walking can further increase the damage. Moreover, avoid taking aspirins because it will make the bruise worse and can lead to unpleasant side effects.

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