3 Cuted Lemons On Your Nightstand Will Change Your Life Forever

If you’re like most people, you have a mixture of good days and bad days. Negativity affects ourselves and everyone around us. It limits our potential to become something great and live a fulfilling, purposeful life. Negativity has an effect on our health, too.In this article we will show you something unbelievable- how lemon can act against the negativity and bad energy.


Lemon is a fruit which has beneficial properties for your health and beauty, but it can also absorb bad energy. We will show you how to neutralize negative energy using one simple trick.Buy three lemons and place them in three different places in in your house.When they become black or yellow,then you should throw them out.Other good way is to boil the lemon peel and inhaling the vapors to get rid of the bad and negative energy.
In one ceramic clay ,put rice and 9 lemons,and place it on the fridge.It will absorb the negative energy in the kitchen.If you put three lemons on your desk at work,it will absorb bad energy at work.

Put 3 lemons in your night desk in the bedroom and it will attract love.

To neutralize the negative energy you have absorbed through the day, put 4 lemon slices on a plate arranged in cross form, then circle them with salt and put the plate under your bed overnight. If it is not possible to put under the bed,then put it somewhere near.When you get up in the morning put the lemon in a plastic bad and throw it away, then repeat the process for 3 days and you should feel better.

For better feeling you can also wear a lemon slice in your bag or purse throughout the day, throw it in the evening and add a new one the next day. The lemons should be dry when you will throw them away,that means that they had absorbed all the bad energy from the environment.

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