Revolutionary Juice That Can Burn Stomach Fat While Sleeping

Having excess belly fat poses a serious threat to your health. Fat around the midsection is a strong risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some types of cancers. Plant based diet is an important choice for all those who want to leave healthier life and improve the functioning of all the vital organs and at the same time to melt the belly fat. When preparing a drink to help you slim down always choose fresh and organic ingredients.

Pineapple-celery duo is an ideal choice for those wanting to shed the fat deposits around the stomach area due to the presence of enzymes that stimulate the fat burning hormones.

Your hormones control every aspect of weight loss including your metabolism, where you store your fat, your appetite and even your cravings.
Ginger might prove really effective if you have aimed at losing fat for longer period and there is still no results. There is still hope for you !

This nutritious ingredient is great for fat loss, because it helps stabilize blood sugar,contains lots of fiber, and improves your sensitivity to insulin. Insulin is one of your body’s main fat storage hormones, and improving insulin sensitivity can reduce the amount of insulin circulating in your bloodstream, which can lead to fat loss.

Introducing fresh greens to your daily menu will help you fill full, giving your body the enzymes it needs for full digestion. Greens are also high in vitamins and nutrition and they don’t raise your blood sugar.

All you need to do is drink this incredible burn-fat sleeping drink and refrain from eating too much sugar and starch foods during the day. You will experience less bloating and more energy, there will be no constipation , but improved function of the digestive process. If you follow the advice the results will be incredible.


  • 1/2 cup pineapple chunks
  • 1 stalk celery
  • 1 inch ginger
  • 5-6 mint leaves
  • kale or spinach (1/2 cup chopped)
  • 1/3 cup water


Combine the ingredients in a juicer and process well until you get this delicious and refreshing juice. Those who don’t have juicer can opt for a blender and still get good results.

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