Sour Cream Diet – Lose Up To 12 Pounds In 2 Weeks

As the title says, the main ingredient in this diet is sour cream, dairy product that can have a positive effect on the work of the metabolism.

By holding this diet you can lose up to 12 pounds in a period of 2 weeks. Given the fact that this diet is a rigorous diet, you shouldn’t hold it for more than 14 days. Before you begin using this diet, consult your doctor.


Sour cream is a very useful product that stimulates the work of the digestive system, improves the immune system, gathers and extracts toxins from body and stimulates the work of the metabolism.

During this diet, you should use the following products:

– Sour milk (17 ounces per day);

– Fresh fruits, except for grapes, cantaloupe and watermelon (10 ounces per day);

– Vegetables: tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, green leafy vegetables (10 ounces per day);

– Meat: fish, chicken and turkey without skin and fat (up to 3.5 ounces per day).

It’s very important to eat the recommended amount of sour milk on a daily basis. You can eat sour milk as a separate food or you can use it for preparing homemade meals and recipes.

Sour cream diet – sample menu for 1 day:

Breakfast: sour cream and raspberries jelly, 1 cup of of green tea or 1 glass of orange juice;

Lunch: 1 cup of herbal tea, 1 serving of cold soup made from sour cream and chopped cucumbers, 3.5 ounces of cooked meat, 1 veggie salad (cucumber, tomato and olive oil), 1 glass of lemonade without sugar;

Supper: 1 tomato and sour milk. Add small amount of mustard and salt in the sour cream and mix them in a blender;
Dinner: 1 cup of herbal tea, steamed green beans and sour cream, 1 glass of lemonade without sugar.



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