See What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Parsley Tea with Lemon and Honey

We are all familiar with parsley to one degree or another. You know that green leafy sprig that comes on your plate as a garnish in some restaurants. More than likely it is returned to the kitchen untouched. You may be surprised to learn that parsley has some amazing health benefits. Whether you start munching on the garnish is up to you, however, there is an alternative that will keep the leaves out of your teeth while delivering all the benefits. Parsley tea is a tonic that has been used and recognised for centuries to have properties that combat an array of disease including tumors, inflammation, and even nerve damage.

Parsley Tea

Its Latin name is Petroselinum Crispus, derived from the Greek word for rock-parsley. There are two components to the immune enhancing herb that contribute to its nutritional value. The volatile oil that consists of myristicin, limonene, eugenol and alpha-thujene, and the flavonoids including apiin, apigenin, criterion and lutein.

Parsley tea is full of vitamins C and A which are both known to destroy free radicals. Partnering with folic acid and potassium, the anti-inflammatory properties are hugely beneficial. Drinking parsley tea can assist in the treatment of diseases of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Symptoms of asthma, heart attack and stroke can be significantly reduced, and are helpful both before and after a diagnosis.

1. Prevents Tumor

“Myristicin” is a natural occurring compound found in parsley. It’s been found to be effective at reducing both the speed and growth of tumors in the stomach and lungs.

A component of parsley called “Myristicin” has been found to be effective at inhibiting the growth of tumors. A study conducted on the effect of parsley leaf oil on tumor growth in mice found that myristicin was effective at reducing both the spread and growth of tumors in the stomach and lungs.

2. Treats Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can be caused by neurotoxicity. For those who don’t know, the term neurotoxicity refers to damage to the brain or peripheral nervous system caused by man-made toxic substances like pesticides or heavy metals.

These toxins can alter the activity of the nervous system in ways that can disrupt or kill nerves. And nerves are kind of essential for transmitting and processing information in the brain, as well as other areas of the nervous system.

That being said, one study found that parsley juice was an effective agent for improving symptoms caused by neurotoxicity.

In the study, researchers found that mice with cadmium (heavy metal) poisoning showed significant improvement when treated with parsley juice.

Many of its health properties can be received by drinking it as tea.

3. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is the number one cause of chronic diseases, such as arthritis, gout, and osteoarthritis. Fortunately, parsley can help with this too!

Because of its high content in vitamin C, parsley can help reduce levels of CRP (c-reaction protein) in the body, which are well-known inflammatory markers.

Parsley Tea Recipe

The single most effective way to consume parsley is to drink it as a tea. Here’s how you can make your own parsley tea at home with ease.


  • Four to five sprigs of parsley
  • Three cups of water
  • A quarter or a half of a lemon
  • One teaspoon of honey


  1. Bring water to a low boil.
  2. Place lemon and parsley into cup or container of choice (One that can hold hot liquid).
  3. Pour the hot water in the container.
  4. Let steep for five minutes.
  5. Remove lemon and parsley and add in honey.

So, isn’t it the easiest way to ensure that you remain healthy all the time? Say goodbye to your regular tea and start your day with parsley tea. Your health will improve drastically and your body will be protected from any cancerous growth.

Source_ healthybookonline

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