Take just a few minutes a day and eliminate the small and deep wrinkles, solving the swollen and puffy areas.
Japanese rejuvenating face massage Zogan, which in translation means “Creating face” and has an ancient Japanese roots, and it is presented to us by the popular Japanese stylist and beauty expert – Jukuko Tanaka.


This Japanese Facial Massage Will Erases Your Wrinkles and Make You Look 10 Years Younger

In recent years the interest for the Zogan massage by women of all ages has been only increasing. Zogan massage is quite simple to implement, easy to learn and accessible to all, and it only takes away five to seven minutes a day.

In your hands, it becomes a powerful tool not only for the preservation of youth, but also for a notable facial rejuvenation. Jukuki Tanaka guarantees that you will already notice the first positive results after two weeks of daily massage.

The Zogan massage noticeably lessens wrinkles, the skin turns out to be tight, smooth and flexible. It shapes the right facial forms, takes out the swelling and puffiness of the face, dark circles are lessened or have totally vanished and it takes care of the issue of the “second double chin”. This solid impact is accomplished because of the rub of certain “enchanted points of beauty.”

  • Lymphatic massage Zogan activates the removal of toxins, improves tissue nutrition and relieves them of excess fluids.
  • A deep massage of the facial muscles, which includes the technique of manual therapy relaxes the muscles, has a soothing effect on the skin and on the blood vessels of the face, strengthens and revitalizes them and tightens facial contours.
  • 3Daily massaging the face (five to seven minutes per day), will significantly rejuvenate facial skin, eliminate the small and significantly reduce the deep wrinkles. It solves the swellings, bloating, dark circles and double chin.

Perform the Zogan massage using oils or creams for massage, which are applied to a washed face.

Jukuko Tanaka recommends cotton oil. Some call it the “golden oil”. It contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and omega-6 fatty acids. It is rich in phytosterols, which give it durability, but also enable it to be easily absorbed into the skin. It leaves a special feeling of smoothness. It is very light in texture and gets quickly absorbed by the skin. If you do not find cotton oil, you can safely use other vegetable oil, suitable for the facial skin (such as olive or almond oil).

Contraindications for performing this massage can be: A disease of the lymphatic system, ENT diseases and diseases of the facial skin, if you have a cold, a runny nose, and you have a fever – it would be better to abstain from massage, because it primarily affects the lymphatic system, activating it.


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