When You Mix Olive Oil And Salt You Can Say Goodbye To Pain For The Next 5 Years Natural Remedies

The reality is that majority of people use prescribed meds and drugs all the time, for any issue or health problem.  This is bad since the drugs and meds will show side effects later in life. With natural cures

you always have more benefit and no dangers. The natural options give even better results and have no side effects. Let’s say, if you have neck osteochondrosis, painful condition, just treat it with home cures and not regular meds. Now, this following cure is easy and simple to prepare. Just follow these rules.

When You Mix Olive Oil And Salt You Can Say Goodbye To Pain For The Next 5 Years


10 tbsp good quality salt

20 tbsp unrefined olive oil or from sunflower


Do this- mix everything in glass bowl. Seal or cover it and leave it for 2 days, after that use it.


Just apply this on the certain area every morning after waking up. Just rub it against the skin. Keep in mind: start off with 2-3 minutes and increase with time. Experts say that with 20 minutes massage you get even more than enough benefits.  In the end, wipe off with wet or damp towel. If the skin is pink or irritated, put baby powder to relieve it.

Results of this are amazing. After 10 days, circulation will be improved and muscle regenerating too in the bones and cartilages. The changes are enormous for just 10 days! After this method, there are no more migraines or bad circulation or even blurred vision.

Also, the body will be toxin-free and metabolism way too fast. After massaging, you will feel light headed or dizzy a bit and this is normal and worth it. Side effects – none. So for any mentioned issue, try this cure.

Source and Image Source: healthylifetricks.com

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