Garlic And Milk – Cure For Asthma, Pneumonia, Heart, Arthritis And Insomnia

If medicine cannot nature can. We know many natural products that can help for most of our health conditions. So we will give you one homemade recipe that successfully helps in eliminating many diseases.


-500ml of milk, use only milk wih low fat

-2 small tablspoons of brown sugar
-10 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped
-250ml of water


Mix the milk, water and garlic in a pot and place them over medium heat.

Leave it to cook slowly until half of the liquid evaporates. Strain it and add the brown sugar. For better results drink it while it’s hot.

This drink is great against:

Problems with heart – It improves the circulatory system, reduces bad cholesterol and prevents blood clots (thrombosis).

Ashtma – You will reduce the symptoms of asthma with consuming this drink 3 times per day. Also, you can eat three cloves of garlic daily for same effect of improvement.

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