Magic potion for a long and healthy life (Recipe)


– 4 carrots

– 3 apples

– the juice of half a lemon

– a piece of peeled ginger (2 cm)


Mix all ingredients in juicer and the result is great smoothie recipe for your health.

The health benefits of these foods


These foods improves vision, effectively works against cancer, makes the skin young and healthy, but also good for the heart, teeth and gums, cleanses the body and protects the heart attack.


Apple strengthens the immune system, promotes weight loss, stimulates the kidneys, liver and bile, protects against diseases of the oral cavity, stimulates digestion, protects the heart and blood vessels, relieves stress, fatigue and insomnia, protects against bacteria and viruses, preventing several types of cancer.


Lemon cleanses the liver and stimulates its work. It is a natural antiseptic and antioxidant, prevents the flu, colds and many kinds of infections, helps with stomach problems, indigestion, stimulate the production of enzymes in the liver, normalize bowel movements and facilitates their discharge.

Also prevents gingivitis and helps in lowering blood pressure and increasing the levels of good cholesterol, alkalized body, prevents cramps and muscle pain, regulates metabolism, protects against stress and depression, reduces the risk of stroke, prevents the formation of kidney stones and gallstones, protect against osteoporosis.


Ginger relieves stomach problems and bloating, stimulates mucus secretion, relieves cough and relieve pain in the throat, eases nausea (especially sea sickness, morning sickness, nausea caused by movement and nausea due to chemotherapy). It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-toxic properties and is therefore used as a prevention of influenza and cold.

Ginger is also an anti-histamine, and is therefore used with allergies, has anti-inflammatory properties which is used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other diseases of the musculature and connective tissue. Chemical ingredients containing ginger are useful in the prevention of propagandist biosynthesis process, which is responsible for the occurrence of inflammation.


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