If Your Kidney Is In Danger, The Body Will Give You These 8 Signs

The kidneys are located right under the rib-cage and ensure your body is balanced in all ways, with a process called homeostasis. Their job is to flush out the body’s toxins, be it excessive fluids or waste disposal, through peeing and pooping.

They also help detoxing your body by cleansing your blood everyday, making sure your blood pressure is just right, your body is supplied enough oxygen, electrolytes are balanced and bones stay strong. So if the kidneys are in danger, your body will show a bunch of quirky symptoms. Here are some ways you will be able to tell if something’s up.

 1. Swollen Parts


A quick tell when kidney’s are failing is when if you are peeing or sweating less. Water retention like this, results in making your joints, limbs and even face swollen or feel bloated.

2. Urine Changes


Feeling a pressure when peeing or having trouble, is one major sign. In addition, if you’re peeing less frequently and your urine is dark, OR if you’re peeing excessively, very frequently, and your urine is a pale color, something may be up. Moreover, if your urine is foamy and you get an uncontrollable urge to pee at night when you’re asleep, it is a cause for alarm.

3. Skin Rashes


When there something going on under the hood, your skin reacts. This is especially if there is excessive waste build-up and your kidney’s are not doing their job of taking it out. This includes getting a lot of rashes, itchiness, dry and irritable skin. Since the waste was unable to get out of the body, it seeps into the blood stream and causes havoc.

4. Tired Easily


Healthy kidneys produce the hormone EPO (erythropoietin), enabling red blood cells (RBC) to carry oxygen. If the RBC is low you feel tired very easily and this affects your brain and muscle function, and is also a symptom of anemia.

5. Short Of Breath


A common sign of kidney problems, is when the body has less oxygen because low RBC are around to carry oxygen to your whole body, this results in a build up of toxins in the lungs, due to the low circulation of oxygenated blood.

6. Metallic Taste


The waste build up in the body also changes how you taste your food, most usually with a tinge of metal, worsens appetite and also gives you bad breath.

7. Pain


Upper back pain is often associated with kidney issues as that is where they are located. It is also a symptom of infections or kidney stones.

8. Dizziness Or Low Concentration


Low oxygen flow is a sign of anemia and kidney failure. But it also reduces your ability to concentrate or focus, as there is less oxygen going to your brain as well. It can also make you feel light-headed and affect your memory. So make sure you consume a lot of antioxidants, pee on time and drink lots of water everyday.



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