The modern lifestyle has negative impact on the overall health, especially on the liver.  The body sends signals all the time, indicating that the liver is overwhelmed by toxins. At that point, the liver needs detoxification in order to restore its functions as well as the function of other organs.

Smoking, stress, alcohol, excessive drug intake, and poor nutrition negatively affect the liver and make it unable to perform its tasks, such as producing protein, regulating blood sugar ad cholesterol levels, regulating digestion, and neutralizing toxins.


After a while, this creates objects which are linked to impaired liver function. To keep the liver healthy and functioning at optimal level, it is important to detoxify it with the help of natural methods.

Knowing how to recognize the warning signs that the body sends is of utmost importance. Below, you have a list of top 10 warning signs indicating that there is something wrong with your liver. Check them out!

  1. Chronic fatigue
  2. Shiny hair
  3. Pain under the shoulder blades
  4. Pain above the eyes
  5. Stomach pain after consuming fatty meal
  6. Bitter taste in the mouth after eating
  7. Bile attacks
  8. Frequent nausea
  9. Bright and pale stool
  10. Hemorrhoids or varicose veins


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