15 Beauty Tricks Using Lemon You MUST Know Now

I love being creative. As a child, I remember a project in elementary school where we had to take each letter of our first name and correspond it to a quality or characteristic that represented us.

Remember these? They are called acrostic poems.

I can’t remember the last time I created one, so I thought there is no better time than NOW to create one of these playful poems… and I’d like to dedicate it to one of the most versatile fruits available – LEMONS!

When it comes to beauty, lemons are:

L  – Lightning

E – Eliminating

M – Moisturizing

O – Odorizing

N – Natural

S – Shining

Sure, lemons are great to squeeze on fish or toss into your morning cup of tea. However, lemons are capable of SO MUCH MORE!


Check Out These 15 Beauty Tricks Using Lemon You MUST Know Now:

Skin Brightener
  • Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid
    • Vitamin C: a  great antioxidant for boosting collagen production and neutralizing free radicals
  • Helps brighten and lighten your skin over time
    • Lightens age spots, dark spots and self tanner mistakes
  • NOTE: Citrus fruit makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays, so make sure to wear SPF
Skin Cleansing Wipes
  • Mix 6 ounces of distilled water with 5 drop lemon and tea tree essential oil
    • Pour on cotton pads to use as a toner
  • Helps cleanse and clear up problematic skin
Skin Bleacher
  • Use on armpits, elbows and knees if they appear dark
  • Rub with half a lemon to lighten skin in that area
Eliminate Shine
  • Helps reduce excess oil
    • Rub a few drops of fresh lemon juice on shine-prone areas
Clarifying Moisturizer
  • Mix equal parts lemon juice and coconut water
    • Coconut water hydrates your skin
    • Lemon clears and brightens your skin
Teeth Whitener
  • Mix baking soda with lemon juice
    • Apply to your teeth with a Q-tip
    • Use your toothbrush to scrub your teeth and rinse
Eliminate Blackheads
  • Lemons are antibacterial
    • Effective treatment for acne
  • Squeeze a slice of lemon juice on your face
    • Will cause blackheads to fade
Nail Strengthener
  • Mix olive oil with lemon juice and soak your nails in it
    • Will help strengthen dry and brittle nails
    • Also works to brighten yellowed nails
Remove Calluses, Corns And Warts
  • Use the white inside part of a lemon
    • Place on the affected area
    • Will help dry out the imperfection
    • Leave it on overnight for best results
      • Reapply every night for at least a week
Lighten Old Scars
  • Soak a cotton ball in freshly squeezed lemon juice and rub it on the scar
    • Apply daily to gradually lighten the area
    • Works as a chemical peel
  • Great for healing old acne scars!
Hair Lightener
  • Spray a mixture of water and lemon juice onto your hair before heading outdoors in the sunshine
    • Will help create natural highlights
Eliminate Dandruff
  • Generously apply and rub fresh lemon juice onto your scalp to help with dandruff and dry scalp
    • Antibacterial qualities of the lemon help eliminate dandruff
Lip Exfoliant
  • Apply a bit of lemon juice to your lips before going to bed
    • Helps eliminate dead skin cells
    • Promotes hydration
  • Lemons contain citric acid
    • Helps kill bacteria that causes bad odors
  • Rub lemon juice in your armpits for a deodorizing effect
Breath Freshener
  • The natural acids found in lemons reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth (which causes bad breath)

As if drinking refreshing lemon water wasn’t reason enough to stock up on these golden globes, these 15 beauty tricks using lemon surely give you reason enough to always keep lemons around!



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