Best Eos For Swollen Ankles, Legs & Feet

Ankles, legs and food swelling, or better known as peripheral edema is a condition where there is an accumulation of fluid in these particular parts of the human body. Unless it’s due to injury the buildup of fluid isn’t usually painful. Because of the gravity swelling, it is usually more deceptive in the lower area of our body.

This type of swelling is frequently experienced by older people. Since swelling can indicate a more serious underlying health problem, it is important to know when you need to visit a doctor, even though it usually does not pose a significant health risk.

There are numerous potential causes of ankle, leg, and foot swelling. Most of the time, they include particular medications or lifestyle conditions, such as:

-standing for prolonged period of time
-being overweight
-being narrowed for long periods of time, mostly during flights or car rides
-taking some antidepressants, as MAO inhibitors or tricyclics
-taking testosterone or estrogen
-usingsome blood pressure medications
-using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
-taking steroids

Some other changes in the body or usage of certain medical conditions can also cause your ankles, feet, and legs to swell.

They are:
-blood clot and infection of the leg
-changes during a menstrual cycle
-preeclampsia that is a condition during the pregnancy which causes high blood -pressure
-venous insufficiency
-recent pelvic surgery
-organ failure (especially in the kidney, liver, or heart
-lymphedema that is a condition which causes blockages in the lymph system
-pericarditis which is a swelling of the membrane over the heart
-scarring on the liver (cirrhosis)

Lucky, there are some essential oils you can use in order to get your circulation moving, as well as some ideas for DIY spa treatments, which can really make a huge difference, too. If you combine both, you will have a new accesses for your own EO journal!

Try an EO remedy if you are a slave to your feet nowadays!

Apply 2 drops each of grapefruits, cypress and lemongrass essential oils diluted into 1 T. fractionated coconut oil, then massage into ankles, leg or feet and calves up to the heart. It would be much better if someone else can do this for you.

You just need 1 dozen of smooth stones that you can find at your local nursery. You can also find them in the craft and candle section in Walmart.

Take some large and shallow bowl that will be big enough for the stones and your feet as well, and put warm water and 2 drops of cypress and 2 drops of lavender essential oils. Also, you can put flower petals if you want.

After that, roll the soles of the feet very slowly over the pebbles for a couple of minutes. The feeling is like you are in heaven! Wonderful!

Reflexology is a great science that found this simple and effective remedy with stones that will not just relieve swelling, but will also benefit you in many other parts of your body.

For commonly poor circulation, particularly for the elderly and thin skin, the Geranium essential oil it fits perfectly, and can show amazing improvement if you use it regularly. Geranium will make your skin brighten and shiny as an extra bonus.

Put 10 drops Geranium to 2 T. fractionated coconut oil, and make gentle massages from your hands to your elbows, and from your feet to your knees. Geranium is considerate as one of the finest revitalizing oils that will make your skin smoother and softer.

Geranium is many times chosen as an oil of the year in many medicinal and pharmaceutic companies all over the world.


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