AVOID Hand Dryers In Public Bathrooms (Terrifying TRUTH)

A recent study has revealed that the amount of bacteria in the air around hand dryers in public bathrooms is 27 times higher than the amount of bacteria present when paper towels are used instead.

From an environmental viewpoint, the use of hand dryers is better for the environment as it saves tons of paper, but, hand dryers can spread more bacteria than paper towels. Actually, high-velocity hand dryers (jet-dryers) are the worst of all because they have about five times more bacteria around them than the basic hot-air hand dryers.


About the study

The purpose of this study was to test virus dispersal of three different hand-washing methods: paper towels, jet dryers, and conventional warm-air dryers. The researchers have discovered that high-velocity dryers spread 60 times more viral plaque-forming units than warm-air dryers and 1300 times more than paper towels.

It was also found out that jet dryers disperse viruses up to three meters (or ten feet), standard warm air dryers 75 centimeters (2.5 feet) and hand towels just 25 centimeters (ten inches).

The study participants were asked to wear gloves and wash their hands in air-controlled rooms in which various types of hand dryers and paper-towel dispensers were installed. The purpose of the research was to discover which one of them dispersed the greatest quantity of viruses.

The study findings caused a lot of stir, particularly among hand-dryer producers. What they did was blaming the paper towel industries to have funded this study so that they increase their sales.

There is one thing that is certain – you should avoid public restrooms as much as possible. Another thing – wash your hands thoroughly in order to prevent bacteria dispersal.

Source: healthyworldhouse.com

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