Wearing a bra while sleeping or not wearing one? It’s a dilemma that’s reached Shakespearean proportions among women, with pros and cons on both sides. This article will look at both the pros and cons and tell you which ones are true and which ones are just myths.

On one hand, there are women who say that it’s not advisable to wear one because it makes you feel constricted, it leaves marks on your body and then there’s the possibility of clogging the lymph nodes and increasing the risk of breast cancer, supposedly.

On the other hand, there are the sworn nighttime bra-wearers like Marilyn Monroe, who think that wearing a bra at all times, even while they sleep, will stop their breasts from sagging. The things we do for beauty!

So which one of these is true?

Scientifically speaking, both these theories are just a myth and here’s why. Medically, the function of the lymph nodes in the underarms is to act as natural filters that drain the breast of lymph fluid, and as the body’s first defense against cancer cells, foreign material and infections. There’s no scientific evidence to prove that bra-wearing during the night obstructs the lymph nodes’ pathways. So you can stop fearing it will increase the risk of breast cancer development.

As far as breast sagging is concerned, bra wearing doesn’t play a big role. Breast sag due to breastfeeding, pregnancy, age and genetics. Those who wear a bra cup size C and bigger should choose a soft – cup style, without much fasteners or hardware, which will provide some support from sagging. But if you wear a smaller bra size then wearing a bra while you sleep can only cause discomfort and no benefits at all.

So, it seems that the myth is busted, scientist say that sleeping with or without a bra doesn’t pay a role in increasing the risk of breast cancer but it doesn’t prevent sagging either. It’s a matter of your own choice and preference. Some women, who have sensitive skin, rashes and sweat more than usually during the night, say that wearing a bra can be painful and uncomfortable, while others who have tender and sensitive breasts say that bra gives them the support they need. Whichever the case, always choose a soft cupped, natural fiber and well-fitted bra to sleep in, one that gives you the needed support, but one that will be gentle to your skin as well.

Source: http://healthadvisorgroup.com/

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