Incredible STRONG Drink which Melts Pounds Purifies the Body and Provides Energy

Strong drink that melts the extra pounds. This detoxification, energy drink stimulates metabolism, helps reduce weight and gives a lot of energy.

Best of all is that you can prepare in just minutes.


-2 Apples

-2 cinnamon sticks

-1 liter of water


Once you have a good wash the apples, cut them into thin slices – thin enough that I can get into the bottle, andput them together with cinnamon put in a glass bottle, cover them with water and place in the refrigeratorovernight. Tomorrow you have your ideal drink.

The contents of the bottle Spend the entire day and night pour new water for the next day. The dose of this recipe can be used for three days. The fourth day put new apples and cinnamon. The ideal detox dose is notmore than 35 days, after this period a break of 10 days before you start.


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