5 Tips To Help You Take Proper Care Of Your Feet

Our feet take more of a pounding than any other part of the body and we tend to neglect our tootsies when they need us most. It shouldn’t be like that, though – thanks to these helpful hacks, you can finally make tired feet a thing of the past and remove soreness for good! Be sure to read on, so that you can learn more about proper foot care of your feet, since they certainly deserve it:

1. Avoid Going Barefoot

Legs on the grass

While the hippie look might be a lot of fun and it may also feel comfortable in the moment, it puts a great deal of unnecessary strain on your feet and leads to larger issues down the road. If you walk around barefoot, you are placing added pres
sure on the feet and also leaving yourself susceptible to foot fungi and other diseases. To that end, it is best if you keep your shoes and socks on, no matter how comfy you are without them.

2. Wear Shoes That Fit

Wearing ill fitting shoes for the duration of a work/school outing is a one way ticket to sore and tired feet by day’s end. When your shoes are the wrong size, this causes additional pain and soreness in the feet and can also lead to deeper issues, such as the onset of ingrown toenails. Make sure that you are buying the right size shoes and avoid the risk of infection to the beds of your nails as well.

3. Get Yourself a Foot File

There are a number of tools and methods for removing the dead skin from your feet and the choice that you make is all about your own personal preferences. While a micro plane might look terrifying, it has the ability to remove the dead skin from your sore and tired feet at a moment’s notice. Or you purchase a Pedi Rock, which gets rid of callus and dead skin, while conforming to the natural shape of the foot.

4. Exercise The Feet


Our first instinct when we get home after a long day is to kick off our socks and shoes, put our feet up and relax. But our feet can benefit greatly from just a little bit of additional exercise before the day is done. By using the Flex-Tastic exerciser for your feet, you can separate the toes, while also strengthening and aligning them at the same time.

5. Tennis Ball Massages

Tennis Ball Massages

While a tennis ball might not seem like the smartest idea for a foot massage, taking a moment to roll one across the bottom of your feet when they are feeling sore and tired can help to relax them and ease your pain. Just try it and you’ll be amazed by the effects!


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