Coffee is one of the most popular drinks worldwide and everyone loves it! Therefore, the fact that we consume it on a regular basis doesn’t come as surprise. The bad thing about coffee is that we dispose of the coffee grounds which remain on the bottom of the cup, as we consider them useless. Well, it turns out that they can be used for a variety of things and this article presents 13 ways in which you can use them. All you have to do is to spread the leftovers onto backing paper, allow them to dry well, and you are all set! Adhere to the following instructions and learn about the 13 unique uses of coffee grounds.

1. Cellulite remedy

Coffee is one of the most efficient remedies for cellulite. It is important to mention that many cellulite products contain caffeine. Instead of using various expensive creams, you can prepare cheaper alternative from coffee grounds and some oil by your choice.

2. Soap

Coffee can be used as soap due to its firming effects. Namely, coffee will provide you great peeling effect.

3. Against bags under the eyes

Coffee can help you to get rid of the under eye bags and also will help you to look fresh. Just prepare mixture of coffee grounds and oil in order to restore the skin under the eyes.

4. Hair

Coffee grounds are abundant with nutrients that are able to make the hair radiant and energized. Important note: This works only for dark hair – types.

5. In the fridge

You can use coffee for neutralizing the odor in the fridge. All you need to do is to place one cup with coffee grounds on the bottom of the fridge and the smell will disappear after a while.

6. Grill rust

You can make the smelly and sticky barbecue to look like a new and shine again by with coffee. It is very simple: just put coffee grounds on a sponge and rub the grill. After that, rinse it off with warm water.

7. Abrasive

The small grains can be used as cleaning detergent for pots, pans and surfaces. On that way you will save extra money and we recommend you to try it.

8. Against ants

The coffee has strong smell and that can help you with ants. The specific and strong smell makes them blurred and they are not able to find their way through the beets to wreak havoc.

9. Against fleas

We recommend you to try this trick if your dog has flees. You can use the coffee grounds and massage the fur and skin of the dog. On that way you will relieve the dog of fleas.

10. Against snails

If you want to protect your beets you definitely should try this trick. Simply spread some coffee grounds across the soil. We guarantee you that it will eliminate them.

11. Fertilizer

Another use of coffee grounds is as a fertilizer. Namely, coffee helps the plant to grow as it is abundant with nutrients and nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

12. Against wasps

In a fire – safe jar put some coffee and light it with a match. The result of that will be steam/ condensation. That will dispel all wasps in just few seconds because they have hard reaction to the smell of the coffee ground.

14. Cat fright

In order to create an invisible barrier which will keep the cats at distance you should spread some coffee grounds around your house.

Source : hlfteam.com

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