A Test To See If You Are A Optimist Or Not

Whether your glass is half full or half empty? Do you expect any morning sun or rain? Do you believe the best outcome or always expect the worst? Solve this test and find out whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. Read carefully the following questions honestly answer “yes” or “no” and then add up your points from your responses …


  1. Do you want to travel?   Yes-1;No-0
  2. Do you want to learn to do something new, something that so far you have never done?   Yes-1;No-0
  3. Do you suffer from insomnia?   Yes-0;No-1
  4. Do you want to invite friends to visit you or go to visit them? Yes-1;No-0
  5. Do you have developed intuition, or whether you can seen a tribulation comes next? Yes-0;No-1
  6. Often do you think that many people from your generation have achieved more in life than you?  -Yes-0;No-1
  7. Are doing sports? Yes-1;No-0
  8. Do you believe that fate was unfair to you? Yes-0;No-1
  9. Does it concern you the possibility of a global catastrophe? Yes-0;No-1
  10. Do you think that thinking causes more problems than it solves? Yes-0;No-1
  11. You suspect you in choosing your profession? Yes-1;No-0
  12. Is your home insured? Yes-0;No-1
  13. Would they have moved to another city if there offer interesting and well-paid job? Yes-1;No-0
  14. Are you happy with your appearance? Yes-1;No-0
  15. Do you often feel bad? Yes-1;No-0
  16. Can you easily fit in a new team to work with?  Yes-1;No-0
  17. Do people around you consider you an active person? Yes-1;No-0
  18. Do you believe that there is no friendship without benefit? Yes-1;No-0
  19. Do you believe in good character, lucky numbers, days, etc.? Yes-1;No-0
  20. Do you think that everyone builds their own happiness? Yes-1;No-0


Serious pessimist (0-4)

It seems that life is not paying attention to you, and therefore do not expect anything from the future. The problems you are a natural thing, and the joy is something that from time to time you are going. Therefore constantly bothering guilt and reduced value for themselves. While it is good to take responsibility for what happens to us in life, you simply exaggerate. Time to change your perspective!

Pessimist (5-9)

You are naturally cheerful person, but in animal fights is lots of optimism. Fear of failure and therefore have retreated into himself. You think everything is well short runs and that you cannot hope to influence it. Time to get out of your comfort zone!

Realist (10-14)

You are a realist who knows to appreciate themselves and others. Know how to set tasks and how to successfully solve them. You are active in your life. Emotional stability is built for years and therefore is not surprising that brings stability and maturity in this regard. Someone will always be prettier, smarter and younger than you, but will never be YOU. Do not edit it to getting others to like you. Be who you really are and the right people will immediately love!

Optimist (15-18)

It rarely overcomes depression because you always try to see the bright side of things. Many do not realize what your optimism is based. You assign them the bad things of immediate causes, or believe that things will soon get better. You become quickly after falling, and that indicates that you are on the right track!

Ever the optimist (19-20)

Your optimism is endless. To you look there are inconveniences. Bravo!


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