Use This Day by Day Plan to Look Good in Your Swimsuit in Just 5 Days

A slice of watermelon could be a perfect choice during a hot day. Only a few people know that this delicious fruit can hold the secret to weight loss. Your body can be kept trim if you consume watermelon.

Beneficial Effects of Watermelon

You are getting excellent hydration because watermelon is 91% water. It is also rich in tripterpenoid – compound that acts as a natural pain killer. This amazing food has also large amounts of potassium, lycopene, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.


Watermelon Diet

This fruit is powerful weight loss snack because it contains only 80 calories (a cup). The presence of fiber in its content keeps you feel full for a longer period of time. The consumption of this fruit can significantly lower your overall body weight. It is also packed with citrulline which prevents the accumulation of body fat.

Your body will not be depleted on the watermelon diet because it is high vitamin content and the large amounts of water will keep you from bloating.

Follow the Rules

Every Day

You should consume a tea with no sugar, a small piece of toast and a slice of watermelon for every day of the watermelon diet.

While you are on this diet make sure to keep your body hydrated. 10-12 cups of water are recommended. If you engage in daily physical activity, like walking, your weight loss will be more rapid.

Day 1

Consume a small portion of rice, a serving of beef and a slice of watermelon for lunch. Consume your usual breakfast and have as much watermelon as you like, a small piece of toast and a few cubed pieces of cheese for dinner.

Day 2

Consume your usual breakfast. Have a slice of watermelon, chicken tenders and a small piece of toast for lunch. Consume another slice of watermelon, a piece of toast and cooked fish for dinner.

Day 3

Consume the same breakfast and eat as much watermelon as you want, tomato, cheese and ¼ cup of spaghetti for lunch. Combine a salad of tomatoes, lettuce, onion, peppers and cucumbers for dinner. You can also have watermelon for dessert whenever you want.

Day 4

Same breakfast and have cooked chicken, a piece of toast, vegetable soup and watermelon for lunch. Eat watermelon as much as you want and 1 baked potatoes with parmesan for dinner.

Day 5

Also consume the same breakfast as your previous days and eat cooked mushrooms and small portion of beef and watermelon as much as you want for dinner. Consume watermelon, 2 pieces of toast, ¼ cup of cheese for dinner.

You can easily follow this diet because there is enough variety. Follow the rules that we’ve listed above and burn the excess pounds in extremely short period of time.

Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before.

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