Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer No One Talks About (Don’t Look Just For Lumps)

Nowadays Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. Every woman should be aware of that problem and take care about her breasts. Home examination is very useful in detecting breast anomalies and every woman can do it. It can save our lives and can protect us from different breast problems.


All we need to know is the symptoms of breast cancer and how can we find them.

Look beyond the lumps

If you find a lump you should immediately consult your doctor. Every doctor will require further examinations, such as mammogram X-ray. It is a very effective method, but it uses radiation ionization, which has a lot of negative effects.

We all know that breast cancer has 2 forms, benign and malign. Malign is the bad one and it can cost us a life. Mammograms can make difference between this two, so don’t think twice if you have any suspects do it immediately.

Angiogenesis occurs when new set of blood vessels starts to form in order to supply blood to newly developing breast tumor.

Checking Cell Health and Hormones

Genetic factors play a major role in developing this kind of cancer. Other risk factors are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Environmental factors
  • Stress
  • Hormones

The newest studies have shown that hormone imbalance has enormous effect in developing breast cancer.

The bad thing is that breast cancer can also appear in the form of dispersed seed-like tumors, which may grow into the tissue as tiny tentacles.

A lot of researchers have explained that breast cancer does not necessarily appear in the form of lumps, so take a lot of caution when you do your home examination.

The Link between Back Pain and Breast Cancer

I know that it seems unbelievably, but back pain can be one of the symptoms of breast cancer, so if you feel pain deep in the bones consult your doctor immediately. It can be a warning sign and you shouldn’t miss it.


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