Try This Home Treatment Will REMOVE Your Scars And Stretch Marks

Everyone has scars on their body, whether it’s from an accident or as a childhood “memory.” But, besides these memory scars, there are surgery scars or stretch marks which really harm our appearance, which is why everyone wants to have them removed. This article presents a few methods which can remove your scars and stretch marks naturally.


Here are a few natural solutions which can help with old scars:

Removing older scars

Once the skin over the wound forms, there’s not much you can do, but Barbara Close, author of Pure Skin, suggests using frankincense oil to regenerate and heal the skin. Frankincense oil products can soothe aging skin, while geranium will reduce the inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Removing fresh scars

A combination of calendula cream rich in flavonoids and vitamin E oil will soothe and strengthen your skin, effectively preventing scars from forming.

Removing stretch marks

In order to remove unsightly stretch marks, try using Gotu Kola, a popular ayurvedic herb which has powerful antibiotic and healing properties. Take about 300-400 mg. of Gotu Kola capsules or ½-1 teaspoon of Gotu Kola tincture every day.

How to prevent scars

Manuka honey can help you prevent scars before they form. This type of honey has powerful antibacterial properties which can prevent infections, leading to scar prevention as well. Due to the high vitamin C content, Manuka honey can stimulate fast tissue regeneration and prevent inflammation.

Applying some Aloe Vera gel on cuts can also prevent scars due to the high allantoin content of the plant.

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