Recipe For Liver Regeneration In Just 5 Days!

The liver is an important organ for many reasons, including the fact that it produces energy and eliminates toxins from the body. However, this great body cleaner due to our fast lifestyles, gets tired, and gradually it can come to its downfall and reduced functionality.

Therefore, it is important occasionally to help the body to rest, purify and regenerate.

Otherwise, the liver can cause several severe health conditions:

-Fatty liver
-Tissue disease of the liver
-Alpha-1 antitrypsin – deficiency
-Wilson’s disease
-Liver disease

Liver Regeneration

Is a term used to cover any potential problem with the liver when it ceases to function properly. Generally, at least 75% of the tissue should be damaged to stop the function. There are several factors that can cause liver disease, and some of them are:

-Viral hepatitis infections
-Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (fatty liver)
-Toxic impact of medications, including herbal remedies
-Hereditary or congenital anomalies of the liver

Symptoms of liver disease may include:

-Jaundice (whites of his eyes are yellow)
-Dark urine
-Weight loss
-Loss of appetite
-General malaise
• Bloated stomach
-Abdominal pain
-Vomiting blood
-Change in mental status (confusion, drowsiness, etc.)

How to make detox on the liver?

Besides keeping an eye on the diet to avoid alcohol, fatty foods and carbonated soft drinks prepare this detox juice which proved to be very effective:


-one cup water

-one medium clove beet

-one carrot (or two small)

-one apple


Put the ingredients into a juicer or even better in a blender and mix them until the mixture becomes smooth. If you don’t add water, the mixture can be eaten as porridge, or otherwise by adding water, you can drink it as a juice.

Drink the juice on an empty stomach in sips, after you previously have drank a spoonful of olive oil with juice of half a lemon.


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