Apple cider vinegar for losing weight is proven and effective way of losing weight. The apple cider vinegar diet significantly boosts the metabolism and it is a great ally in keeping a slim figure.

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How do you make apple cider vinegar?
Apple cider vinegar is more and more popular nowadays, not only because of its characteristic taste and smell, but also because of its usefulness in prevention and healing of some diseases. It is created by fermenting of grinded apples, whose natural sugar decomposes with the help of bacteria and yeast. The first thing that is created is the alcohol (cider-apple vine), then the vinegar.
Apple cider vinegar for the skin, pimples and acne
Apple vinegar helps the tan, cleans the skin from comedones, pimples and acnes, softens the rheumatic disorders and help with the healing of dermatitis. Put it on the skin, softened, with light massaging and rubbing, no matter if you have skin problem or you are healthy. Recipe: make a mixture of water and apple vinegar in proportion 8:1 and put that on your face three times a day; it has proved helpful for comedones. With this treatment you will eliminate the irritations and the scabies from the skin. If you combine it (outside and inside use), it will help for varicose veins and will eliminate the tiredness in the legs. It is very rich with potassium, which affects the working of the muscles and nerves, and because of that, apple vinegar and honey are recommended in everyday meal plan of professional athletes, but also of those who sport recreationally. If you do hard intellectual labor, use it mandatory.

Apple cider vinegar recipe

For chronic tiredness: mix three spoons of vinegar with a cup of honey, take 2 spoons before you go to bed and before lunch take ne spoon with 2dl of water.
Against migraine and strong headaches: in a glass of water put 2 spoons of honey and vinegar.
For burns: put vinegar on the spot, it will decrease the pain.
For high blood pressure: in a glass of water put two small spoons of vinegar and tri three times during the day.
For cleaning of the throat: put in warm water apple vinegar and honey and drink it
For sinusitis: Every hour drink a glass of water with added a little spoon of vinegar. Do the therapy for 7 hours.
For pain in the wrists: Spill vinegar on a piece of cloth and put it on the wrist. Then tie the wrist with another cloth. Also, drink eater with little vinegar during the day.
For cancer prevention: Put 2-3 little spoons of vinegar in 30 ml of water and shake it good. Drink the dose every day and add a fresh apple in the diet every day.

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