Doctors Reveal: These Is The Reason Why More And More People Wake Up With Swollen Arms And Feet! Solve The Problem Before It Is Too Late

There are two ways of waking up in the morning-fresh and full of energy or irritated with pain in the arms and feet. The latter can be caused by numerous reasons.

Reasons for the swelling:



One of the commonest reasons for swollen limbs is dehydration. Most of the population suffers from this condition due to lack of the needed amount of water in the body. When the level of water in our body decreases to minimum, our body automatically adjusts and begins to save up water in the organism.

Sleeping posture and duration of sleep

Our sleeping posture influences our well being. While some poses are optimal for us, others can be harmful. Sleeping on the stomach or on the side might lead to joint ache. Moreover, lack of sleep or insomnia could cause swollen arms and legs.

High level of sodium

Excessive salt intake could lead to swelling. Moreover, the excessive intake of salt increases the level of sodium in our body, which in return enables the body to detain water. If you have a swelling in some body parts, try lowering the amount of salt and you will notice the change.

Kidney diseases

If you suffer from any type of kidney disease, it could also lead to swollen arms or legs. The kidneys play a crucial role in filtrating harmful toxins out of our bodies. When a person has a kidney disease, the kidneys’ proper functioning stops and the body begins detaining water that should otherwise be filtrated.



You could try and lower the swelling with warm or cold compresses applied onto the affected area. Cold compresses are used if the swelling is caused by an allergy or some internal problem.


Massage is very helpful for removal of ache, just bear in mind to massage the painful area gently. Massage with slow, circular movements instead of pressure, since in this way you could worsen the pain.

Compressive materials

If the swelling occurs in the night time only, try wearing clothes from compressive materials such as tights or socks, so that the blood flow is circulated. Also, you can buy compressive gloves if you suffer from swollen hands.


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