Spreading Salt Around The House. Here’s Why It’s So Incredible!

Some useful tricks you can do with salt in your house

For a very long time salt has been of a great help for cleaning purposes in the homes. This technique has been use for many centuries and has been passed by generations and today we find it still so useful and irreplaceable. Not only it is highly helpful for cleaning but also for disinfection, on the other hand salt is very cheap.


Keep Ants at Bay

You probably never heard about this one before but salt can help you keep the ants away from food storage cabinets or windows. It is very simple just place salt on the problematic area and be sure that ants will stay away from that place. Interesting fact is that the salt lowers the humidity when is used like this.

Use Salt for Polishing Brass, Silver and Copper

If you have ornaments made from brass, copper, and silver, I am sure you want to keep them sparkly clean like new. Anyway, with time the metals fade and that’’s why you need a method to keep them clean. You need to know is that salt is the easiest and non-corrosive solution for this problem.

This mixture from salt and vinegar will make the object shiny like new, just rinse it from the mixture and you will remove all the stains and dirt.

Salt for Cleaning Car and House Windows

If you combine few tablespoons of salt and a gallon of warm water you will get a powerful mixture for getting rid of stained windows. The best part is the clean window will stay like that much more longer.

Clean Sink Drains

Mix hot water with salt and pour the mixture in the sink. Salt will melt the grease buildup which causes the clogged drain and deodorizes the sink.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Combine salt and olive or lavender oil to make an amazing bath scrub. Use the mixture to rub the entire body and then shower to wash away the dirt. Salt is a good body scrub because it rejuvenates the skin by eliminating dead skin cells.

Make Colors Brighter

If there is some old curtains that you will like to see it the natural Bright color here is a useful hack. Soak a cloth in concentrated salt water and rub the faded rugs and carpets with it. With this simple method you will clean stains that you could’n’t clean before, also they will look like new.

Tooth Remedies

Salt can act as a natural mouth wash and helps with toothache. Just dissolve salt in a warm water and swirl the liquid in your mouth. It is an amazing mouthwash and has laxative effects.

Whitening of Your Teeth and Dental Care

The mixture with salt and baking soda will give you excellent results for white and clean Teeth.

Dry Clothes in Winter

It will prevent shrinking of the clothes just insert it in the final wash and they will come out clothes will be less wet, soft and stainless.

Source: myhealthylifeguide.com

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