Dissolve gallstones overnight and prevent the emergence of new to this natural recipe!

Not only will eliminate the small stones from the body, it can even prevent the emergence of new ones.


The first thing you need to do is not to eat anything for 24 hours. Then prepare a mixture of one liter of brine from sauerkraut, four deciliter of olive oil and the juice of four lemons. Consume every 25 minutes per child fluid.

Immediately will perform pain and diarrhea, and stones to be thrown out of the chair, the longest for four to five hours, while drinks prepared medication.After the stones out, ten to 15 days do not take dried meat, peel fruits and vegetables, raw green etc. During this time drink a light tea – day four ounces – of a mixture of equal amounts compound and chamomile.

source: http://healthyuseful.com/

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