Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?

A scientific study conducted not while ago, revealed in the popular Cancer Causes and Control journal, has confirmed that cancer is a disease that is almost unknown to Amish people. According to the same study, Amish people might be the healthiest group of people in America. A group of scientists that work at the Ohio State University released a scientific study related to this category of people and the basic goal was to check whether not using modern medicine will result in more cancer cases, but what they’ve found out was shocking.

Scientists realized that the Amish people have drastically lower number of cancer cases compared to other communities. This is the reason why they wanted to expand their research and check the lifestyle and diet of these people.

They have soon discovered that Amish people are really practicing the life they are known for – they don’t smoke, don’t drink and don’t switch partners. In other words, they were avoiding the choices that increase the risk of cancer.

In addition, they have analyzed their work because the majority of Amish people are involved in jobs that demand physical labor including farming, construction and few other similar jobs. This practice helps them maintain excellent fitness levels and overall health.

Furthermore, Amish people produce the food they eat without any help. This means that they consume organic food, vegetables, fruits, meat and milk. These foods are packed with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and other nutrients.

As we all know, natural and organic food is great for our health.

Although their isolated lives are not favored by most modern people, it turns out that Amish people’s lifestyle that consists of eating healthy and clean foods and being involved in physical activity on a daily basis makes them more resistant to diseases like cancer and diabetes.

The rest of the people spend most of their days in offices, inhaling air with low quality, eating junk food, fast food and processed foods and rely on pharmaceutical drugs.

It is quite obvious why Amish people are healthier than the others.

Via Healthy Food House

Sources Get Holistic Health | Your News Wire

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