Lose 11 Pounds In A Month By Combining These Five Powerhouse Weight Loss Foods

The foods that actively help your body lose weight and detoxify, sometimes cannot be easily found. For your luck, there’s one recipe that combines a variety of healthy foods that will give you a tasty meal and will help you on the road to weight loss – and potentially help you lose up to 11 pounds in one month!




This mixture contains prunes and oatmeal. These foods are extremely effective for digestive health because they help in digestion and promote weight loss.
Another ingredient in this recipe is kefir, a similar drink to Greek yoghurts. Many researchers believe that probiotics in kefir could assist in the body’s weight loss by helping maintain the natural balance in the intestines. If you’re worried about that much dairy in your diet, don’t be; consuming low-fat dairy products three times a day could actually be more helpful in promoting weight loss than cutting dairy from your diet entirely. Kefir isn’t available in all areas. If you’re unable to find it where you are, low-fat yoghurt is still a good substitute. Kefir and low-fat yoghurt have many of the same probiotic qualities, and the flavour won’t be changed significantly.
The cocoa might seem like an odd addition at first, but it’s there for more than just flavour. For centuries, the organic cocoa powder has been used as a way to detox the body and facilitate the excretion of harmful chemicals from the body. So when you’re making this, make sure you’re using raw, organic cocoa powder to get the full effect!
And, in the end, the final ingredient is flaxseed. These seeds are loaded with vitamins, fibre, and omega-3 fatty acids. It absorbs the toxins out of the everyday food you eat, allowing it to be passed out of your body more easily, and also helps regulate your appetite so you’re less tempted to consume more than you need.
This weight loss recipe should be consumed in the morning, instead of eating breakfast. So be sure to make it the night before you want it!


In boiling water, put prunes and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Mix the dry ingredients and add them to the kefir or yoghurt and mix well. Then chop or blend the prunes once they’re soft and mix them with the rest. Put the bowl in the fridge overnight.
In the morning, you have healthy breakfast that will help you lose weight, get regular, and detoxify your body. Replacing your regular breakfast with this, especially if you opt for fast food options in the morning, could improve your health drastically over time, and help you lose up to 11 pounds over the course of a month. Enjoy!


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