Coconut oil has been winning over the hearts of health-conscious people around the world. However, its sister, coconut butter is about to make her way onto the stage. Coconut butter can be used in many ways, including being spread on toast or put in coffee. Though they both originate from the same tree, the two are not to be confused.

Coconut butter


Coconut oil is extracted from copra. Copra is the dried kernel (meat) of the coconut. Whereas, coconut butter is made from blending the entire dried coconut meat. Because of this, coconut butter contains fibre, potassium, magnesium and iron, in addition to fat. The one thing that the two do have in common is that they both have A LOT to offer your health.


1. Boosts Immunity

Coconut butter is a good source of lauric acid. This acid is helpful for boosting immunity and destroying harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast and other pathogens. It’s the same acid that’s found in human breast milk that is responsible for developing the immune system to fight off viral and fungal infections.

2. Helps With Weight Loss

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, coconut butter can help with that. Don’t be afraid of eating THIS fat! It increases your metabolism, which in turn helps you lose weight. With a strengthened metabolism, your body is able to break up the food you eat much quicker, thus giving you more energy and allowing you to burn more calories.

In addition, coconut butter is rich in healthy fats that your body uses as energy rather than storage. This fat also allows you to feel full for longer and helps curb your appetite.

If you eat one or two teaspoons of coconut butter a day, you may notice a difference in just two weeks.

3. Protects Skin

In addition to helping you feel good, coconut butter can help you look good. Coconut butter protects against free radicals that may be damaging to the skin. It’s also a great moisturiser as it’s able to penetrate deep layers of skin, strengthening the tissues, and help reduce the appearance of aging by improving your skin’s elasticity.

4. Stabilizes Blood Sugar

Your blood sugar levels can also have an impact on your weight. Having high blood sugar levels makes it harder for your body to break it all down. Thus, the excess sugar is then stored as fat.

By adding coconut butter to your diet, you can lower your glycemic index. This helps prevent your blood sugar levels from spiking. It also helps protect you from insulin resistance, which is associated with type 2 diabetes.


One of the greatest things about coconut butter is that it can be added to a wide variety of foods. It is rich in flavor and extremely easy to incorporate in any meal, snack or drink.

By including coconut butter in your diet, you can enjoy a delicious, flavorful meal, and shed some pounds at the same time, providing your body and brain with a number of health benefits.

  1. Spoon coconut butter straight from the jar and eat it. Yes, it’s that good.
  2. Melt it and pour it over a sweet potato or winter squash.
  3. Use it for all cooking, for the extra amazing flavor.
  4. Add it to your smoothie like this piña colada one. It doesn’t get more refreshing than this.
  5. Spread it over toast in place of real butter and add some almond butter for a satisfying snack.
  6. Drizzle it melted over berries or other fruits in a bowl for an amazing dessert.
  7. Drizzle it melted over your salad to enhance absorption of the nutrients into your body
  8. Add it to your hot bowl of oatmeal breakfast for the day’s energy.
  9. Cook rice in coconut butter for its rich, flavorful and amazing fragrant. It can then be eaten just as it is.
  10. Toss it with some shrimp or chicken and add some hot sauce. If you’re a vegetarian, you can toss it with tofu instead.
  11. Add a spoonful to some cacao nibs for an antioxidant-bursting treat.
  12. Use it in place of dairy butter in baking for a healthier fat (this tends to make baked goods a little dryer, so you’ll need to add a little more of a moist ingredient such as fruit puree or oil).

In short, use coconut butter in all your cooking!


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