In 1923 the main cause for cancer had been discovered, however it was hidden from the public by food and pharmaceutical industries. It was Otto Heinrich Warburg, the German scientist who made this discovery for which he received a Nobel Prize. He explained that that the main cause is anti-physiological lifestyle, thus when people consume acidic food and are physically inactive, the body starts creating acidic environment, while the cells become more acidic and toxic, reducing the their oxygen levels. When these oxygen levels are decreased, then acidic environment is being made. These two conditions lead to each other. Normal cells actually need oxygen unlike tumor cells. Healthy tissues are alkaline while tumor tissues are acidic. Moreover, according to Otto, the tumor cells are anaerobic, meaning that they do not need oxygen to thrive, and are not able to multiply in the presence of high oxygen concentrations. Tumor cell grow with the help pf glucose and environment without oxygen. If oxygen levels are reduced by 35% in the cells, then they will become cancer cells in just 2 days. Cancer is actually a defense mechanism of some cells that try to survive in acidic environment when there is no proper oxygen level.

IMPORTANT: the formation of alkaline or acidic environment is connected to what you eat, all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats or carbohydrates you intake.

There is a pH scale which measures the environment, how alkaline or acidic it is, thus it goes from 0 to 14, and 7 is the neutral zone. The acidic environment is below 7, while above 7, it is a basic environment. Thus, it is very significant to know which food is acidic and which is alkaline because of a proper cell function. The pH value needs to be slightly above 7. When one person is completely healthy, then the blood pH is between 7.4 and 7.45, and if the value goes below 7, then the person falls into a coma.

Foods that create acidic environment in the body


Refined sugar and all products which contain sugar;


Refined salt;


Industrial processed foods like canned, artificial colors, flavors, stabilizers and others;

Animal origin products;

Refined flour and its products like cakes and pasta;



Any cooked food.

Foods that create alkaline environment in the body




The body will be provided with oxygen with regular exercising as sitting lifestyle negatively impacts the overall health. Also, the ideal diet is to consume 60% more alkaline foods than acidic. All fizzy drinks, refined juices and any kind of sweeteners. Ill people have to consume 80% of alkaline foods and avoid unhealthy foods. People diagnosed with cancer have to alkalize their body as much as possible. Chemotherapy is not recommended because it increases the acidity in the body. The body has to spend the reserves of oxygen with it and then the organism fights in order to reduce the acidity through using the minerals from the teeth, bones, hair and nails. That is why people who undergo chemotherapy lose their hair.

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