Women Drank Tomato Juice Daily For One Months And This Is What Happened!


A research from University of Taiwan which tried to see what results drinking a glass (250 ml) tomato juice daily will show for a period of 2 months, discovered that the participants (women of different age, weight and origin) lost considerable weight. This was done through eliminating fat reserves, not excess water. There were no habits changed during the examination on the side of the participants, they didn’t even employ any exercises. When they had their blood tested, it showed that there was a reduced level of cholesterol and increased lycopene-an antioxidant that positively affects the health.

One tomato juice daily can:

Boost the immune system;

Protect from heart disease;

Reduce cancer risk;

Help in digestion issues;

Support elimination of excess water;

Keep one’s health at an optimum level;

Avoid bladder, pancreas, liver, and lungs disease;

It is good for the skin, improves the skin complexion;

Reduce coughing;

Prevent anemia;

Ease rheumatic symptoms;

Improve blood;

Ease muscle pain after an intensive workout;

Help in muscle cramps.

This is all due to the tomato being loaded in potassium, calcium, magnesium, vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamin C. 100 gr of tomato juice contains 11 mg of magnesium, and for that reason it is good to consume it after an excessive workout and physical activity.

It is recommended to prepare a fresh juice at your home for which you will need:

6 kg of tomatoes;

4 tbsp. of sugar;

2 tbsp. of salt.

How to prepare it: first you will have to remove the petioles and wash them well in cold water. After that, grind them and add the salt and sugar. Put everything in a pot and stir constantly so it doesn’t burn, cooking for another 10 minutes. Take sterilized bottles, fill them with the juice and close them tight. Once it cools down, store it on a cool place.


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