6 Dangerous After Meals Acts You Shouldn’t Do

We are being regularly told that after finishing our meals we should do certain things which helps to digest food. You are being told to go for a walk, eat fruits or take a nap after finishing our food. Actually, you are not supposed to do any of these things.  While some of these suggestions are true, but most of the things are just myths which are needed to be busted.  All of these things should be done at least 30 minutes or 1 hour later and not immediately after you finish your food. Below are 6 dangerous after meals acts you shouldn’t do:

Dangerous Acts After Meals

  1. Smoking: People generally have a habit of smoking just after they finish their dinner or lunch. This is not at all recommended for you. Actually, smoking is bad in every way you can think of. It contains at least 60 types of elements which can cause cancer and also contains other ingredients which can make you sick such as nicotine.
  2. Don’t Eat Fruits: we are generally being told to take fruits immediately after we finish our food. Actually the fact is it is not all recommended. Fruits are among those things which can be easily digested and should be taken in the morning or on an empty stomach. When we take fruits immediately after food, they get stuck along with the meals in the stomach and don’t reach the intestine in time. As a result, they get spoilt and spoil other foods in the stomach along with it. If you are that keen on taking fruits after meals, wait for at least one hour before taking them.
  3. Drinking tea: Tea is known to provide many positive benefits to the body ranging from reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases to keeping the diabetes under control. But drinking tea just after meals is not recommended as it has certain elements which bind iron present in the plant foods as a result it is not digested in the human body. This is especially not recommended for children and women who require iron in larger amount. You should wait for at least 1 hour, after which you can take your cup of tea
  4. Bathing: Again, this is also not recommended as the heat,which is required to digest the food is used to maintain the body temperature, as when we take a hot shower bath the body gets hot, so the blood flows to the skin to release the heat so as to maintain the body temperature. So the energy is not available to digest the food. So, it is recommended to take shower post 30 minutes of taking meals.
  5. Taking a walk immediately after meals: Taking a walk just after meals can cause acid-reflux and indigestion. But taking a walk for 10 minutes after half an hour of taking meals is considered good as it helps to burn calorie in a good way. Taking a walk is a lot better than watching TV. As when you walk, the metabolism of the body improves and the muscles are allowed to stretch as compared to watching where the only process that happens is the fat deposition in your body. Going for a walk also helps to get deep and better sleep.
  6. Sleeping: Sleeping immediately after taking your meals affects you badly in more than one way. When you lie down immediately after food, the acid fluids present in the stomach enter into your food pipes due to the gravitational force and burn them. That’s the reason why the people have a burning sensation when they immediately take a nap after food. Also, when we sleep, the diaphragm is put under excess pressure when we snore as the food is still present in the stomach. This can cause irregularities in the sleep routine. Also, taking nap immediately after meals are directly related to obesity, so wait for at least two hours before you can sleep. Sitting and having conversations with your loved ones is one of the best things which you can do after you finish your meals. Or do something which you love and which involves some kind of physical activity.


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