How to Cure Tonsillitis and Sore Throat in Only 4 Hours


If you are one of the many who suffers from sore throat and tonsillitis or tonsils, we will probably cheer you up because we have the solution. You have probably tried all of the drugs and mixtures from the pharmacies and none of those things worked, right? Well, you should try this natural solution from the traditional medicine which will surely help you in just only 4 hours.

Recipe for Treatment of Tonsillitis


200 ml of water

1 tablespoon of cognac

80 grams of ground cumin seeds


Pout 200 ml of water in a boiling pot and add the cumin seeds. Place the pot on fire and when the water starts to boil, cook for 15 minutes. You will come up with mixture which looks like coffee sludge. Strain the mixture and add another 50 ml of water. Cook again for additional 2 to 3 minutes. Then, remove the pot from fire and add the tablespoon of cognac.

The mixture is ready to be used.


Take one tablespoon of this mixture on every half hour. You will notice that the pain will recede gradually after only 2 hours. After 4 hours you will feel much better. This mixture is recommended for all persons who suffer from throat pain and tonsillitis.

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