This herb destroys cancer in less than one day!


Sweet wormwood is a herb that scientists argue that kills cancer cells by 16 hours. According to research published in “Life Science” his action a natural remedy can cure 98 percent of cancer cells.

If you use only the herb it causes 28 percent reduction of cancer cells in the breast, but in combination with iron it almost completely kills the cancer.

– Our results prove that artemisinin prevent “E2F1” transcriptive factor mediates the destruction of the cell round cell cancer of the chest and a critical means by which artemisinin control the growth of reproductive cancer cells, according to the conclusion of research conducted laboratories for cancer at the University of California.

Artemisinin formerly used as a powerful tool against malaria, but now it’s proven to be an effective cure for cancer.

Research has shown that cancer cells experience apoptosis, or self destruction.

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