Effective Natural Remedy to Remove Fat from the Blood Vessels and Normalize the Blood Pressure


While consumption of high-fat food might bring satisfaction, the truth is that this type of food will increase the level of fat in the blood.

There are some people who experience high-fat levels because of certain inherited health disorders.

In addition, high fat content can come as a result of certain conditions like hypothyroidism, diabetes, alcoholism, liver disease, kidney disease and stress.

There are people who have to fight this condition because they take certain medicines like steroids, birth control pills and blood pressure medicines.

Those who want to reduce the lipid levels in their blood should consume less fat, practice physical activity on a regular basis and lose weight too.

Additionally, those who are smoking should quit smoking as soon as possible

The following is a very popular Russian folk remedy that will assist your body in its efforts to remove fat and dangerous and toxic substances from the blood. It will also improve blood circulation and lipid content, boost blood flow to the brain and stabilize blood pressure.

The Recipe


Four unpeeled lemons

Four garlic cloves

Three liters of boiled water


Clean the garlic carefully. Take the lemon and cut it into slices and put them together with the garlic in previously boiled water. Cover this mixture and store in the refrigerator for 3 days. After that, start using it, but make sure that you store in the fridge until you are finished.

How and when to consume it:

Drink 1.5 Oz (about 50 ml) of this mixture three times per day before each meal. This is the maximum daily dose.

In case you use it strictly for blood vessel cleaning, it is better to start using smaller doses of 1 teaspoon of the mixture. After that, you can gradually increase this dose.

This treatment lasts for 40 days and should be performed once a year.

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