Unbelievable! A Russian Laboratory Has Invented A Way To Remove The Black Skin Layer Of Black People!


This is a real and unbelievable case! Researchers found a way to remove the black skin layer, and “whiten” a person quickly, according to a publication of the Moscow Faculty of Sciences.

The treatment is done with a mix of oxytane and benzodiazepine. Soaking for 6 hours in a bath with 50 grams of this mix per liter of water should do the trick. Then, the upper layer responsible for skin color, peels off without a problem.

The laboratory said that 254 people were treated with this solution. The Russian government is expected to reimburse the treatment soon. It may be of high value to the immigrants with different skin color, who will feel more natural and integrated when their color matches the primary skin color of the country. This is a strong point of view, decried by the associations of human rights.


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