Why Should You Suck On To Garlic? It’s a Rare But Unbelievably Useful Recipe!


Garlic – a fantastic vegetable with priceless useful properties. This fantastic vegetable owns antibacterial properties, treats many diseases, including different types of cold, atherosclerosis and kidney diseases, strengthens the capillaries and is a good adaptogen.

In the Chinese medicine garlic is used for a complete recovery of the organism.

They take a small clove of garlic, put it in their mouth and soak it with saliva, “walking” it around the mouth cavity. This procedure is performed in the morning for 30 minutes when there is “garbage” in our mouth actually.

The effect of sucking on to garlic is truly amazing. The saliva along with the nutrients and other useful matters reaches the blood, cleans the blood vessels and the lymph. The garlic also strengthens the mouth cavity and the gums stop bleeding.

After the procedure, garlic should be spit and then you should brush your teeth. If you feel the smell after the brushing, take a coffee bean or a little bit of parsley leaves. Several sips of milk will remove the garlic smell completely.

Why should you put garlic in your mouth?

– Garlic is an excellent blood cleanser

– It stimulates your appetite

– It protects from the epidemics of flu and other respiratory diseases

– Strengthens your immunity incredibly

– It’s useful with anemia

– It treats chronic bronchitis

– It helps with kidney and urinary bladder diseases

– It cleans the skin

If it’s a problem for you to put a whole clove of garlic inside your mouth, start with a quarter of a clove or a smaller piece and start increasing the quantity gently.

I haven’t seen this recipe before. It’s really efficient. I’ve checked it on myself:

Since I’ve been anemic before (a consequence from the course of aggressive chemotherapy), I’ve used many industrial preparations which contain iron. So, I stopped using them and started sucking on to garlic every morning.

After a month, I did some laboratory blood counts. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that my hemoglobin is 130 units and it was only 90 before!

I’ve told my friend about this recipe who has “donkey” cough every autumn and spring. You know what I mean. You cough like barking and you think that you’re going to throw up on your soul. She started sucking on to garlic and became a fan of this method, because the cough disappeared gradually.

Her husband had kidney problems (I think he had stones, although I can’t quite remember). There was blood in his urine. He started sucking on to garlic, the urine became clear and his skin purified, too.

There are many similar kinds of cases like this. By a persistent usage of this recipe people acquire very good results.

You should also try it too and share your experiences which will be useful for everyone, because knowledge is like love, it multiplies by spreading. Be healthy!


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