TESTIMONIES CONFIRMED: Asparagus successfully treats cancer, even its aggressive types! (RECIPE)


A biochemist specializing in health diets with years of experience, which referred to an article titled “Asparagus for cancer” which was published in Cancer News Journal in December 1979, wrote about its specific effecton cancer.asparagus His letter which contains testimonies of healing from cancer by asparagus transfer in its entirety:

“A few years ago I read about the discovery of Richard R. Vensala that asparagus might cure cancer. I have established a relationship with him, and began working on this project, I gathered many positive healthcare cases, some of which I mention here:

– Case 1: A man with an almost hopeless case of cancer of the lymph nodes was completely immobile. Within one year of the initiation of therapy with asparagus, his doctors could no longer detect any traces of the cancer and the man was fully active again.

– Case 2: A successful 68-year-old businessman, who had cancer of the bladder, treated it for 16 years. After years of medical treatment, including radiation therapy he started with asparagus.

Within three months of views showed that his cancer of the bladder disappeared, and the kidneys are normal.

– Case 3: A man who had lung cancer: 5 March 1971. It was operating table when he found that his cancer was so widespread, that it could not be removed by surgery. The surgeon sewed him and his case was declared hopeless. April 5 was the man heard of asparagus therapy and immediately started treatment. In August, the X-rays showed that the cancer had disappeared.

– Case 4: A woman who struggled for years with skin cancer. With time, it has developed several additional foci and her doctor said that the disease has progressed. After three months of treatment with asparagus found that the situation has greatly improved and that the skin is again healthy.

I was not surprised of the results from the book “Elementary medicine”, which in 1854 by a professor from the University of Pennsylvania, where it is stated that asparagus was used as a folk remedy for kidney stones.


Asparagus should be boiled before use, so canned asparagus are usable as well as fresh. Put into a blender the cooked asparagus and blend it until you get a mash and put it in the fridge. Give the patient 4 full tablespoons of mashed asparagus twice a day – morning and evening.

You can also dilute the mash and drink as a warm or cold beverage.

This therapy is based on previous experiences, so you can easily, on a case-by-case basis, increase the dose and adjust as needed. It is not harmful. The first signs of improvement usually are seen after 2-4 weeks of therapy.

As a biochemist, I believe in the old adage “better safe than sorry”, so according to this logic me and my wife drink the beverage of asparagus during meals. We dilute of two tablespoons of puree with water and drink it with breakfast and dinner… We control the blood count, for years. The last blood test by a specialist for healthy eating habits showed improvement in all the examined elements. Such results are attributed to the asparagus therapy.

Asparagus contains high amount of protein called histones, which are believed to be active in the process of cell growth. For this reason, I believe it can be said that asparagus contains a substance that I call cell growth normalizer, which has the effect of their actions on cancer.

US National Cancer Institute has confirmed that asparagus is the highest tested food on a scale according to the amount of glutathione, which is considered one of the strongest anti-cancer and antioxidants, “wrote the biochemist.


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