Miraculous Juice of Two Ingredients: For Three Days – 10 Pounds Less!

This juice accelerates calorie burning, helps with the removal of excess water from the body, cleanses the body of toxins, nourishes your body with vitamins and minerals, helps with bladder problems and cramps, and also for three days with him, you can lose up to 10 pounds (Of course, along with a balanced diet and a moderate physical activity).
Parsley, a plant that we use as a spice, has”magical” powers. Its amount in food is still small, so is not sufficient to initiate the secretion of accumulated fluids from the body.
Parsley is an excellent ally in the fight against urinary problems, kidney disease and a strong diuretic. As a remedy can be used root and leaves of parsley

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In boiling water (about one liter), add 5 tablespoons of chopped parsley.
Liquid let stand about twenty minutes, so you can strain the tea or drink together with chopped parsley.
The taste is not “paradise”, but it is bearable. If you can not drink this, add some brown sugar, honey or maple syrup.
Tea made from parsley it can be consumed warm or chilled. You can drink at any time of the day except late at night so as not to have to go at night to urinate.
The juice should drink every morning on an empty stomach and only five days.Then it is necessary to make a break for ten days.
It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Try tomorrow!

source: http://healthneedscare.com

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