Homemade Milkshake For The Diabetes, To Grab It For 25 Days And Lost 11 kg Of Abdominal Fat


This recipe below is one of the least known recipes for people who suffer from  diabetes and that can lose weight up to 11 pounds in 25 days.

The diet was created by a patient of diabetes that after performing several research on the disease and  the fruits and vegetables, managed to create a combination of foods to reduce blood sugar levels.

The young man began to drink juices of fruits and vegetables  and thinned 11 kilos in a month in addition to that markedly improved the disease decreasing levels  of sugar in blood.

The young man  with a diagnosis of  diabetes achievement many positive results after performing this diet with a juice that contains the following ingredients:

  • Two bananas
  • Two apples with honey
  • A hand of red cabbage
  • Five kiwis
  • Half a liter of water


In a blender are going to mix all the ingredients  and we’re going to  liquefy for a minute. It would be best not liquefaction with ice already that this recipe gives us to several glasses and then we were water much.

We must take a based 2 times a day, one in the morning on an empty stomach   before breakfast  and another in the night at dinner, or that we are going to eliminate  the dinner by the smoothie. The banana has a high content of potassium by which  he is not recommendable to follow  the treatment for more than 25 consecutive days.

Homemade Milkshake for the diabetes, to grab it for 25 days and lost 11 kg of abdominal fat.


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