Homemade Mask With Aspirin: Converts Most Problematic Skin In Healthy, Beautiful And Shiny!

Did you know that regular aspirin is an excellent cosmetic product?

Healing face masks with aspirin dissolved in water, with regular use (if you do not have allergy to it), converts most problematic into a healthy, beautiful and shiny skin.

Why is aspirin so good for your skin?

The secret of the face masks with aspirin is in the main components of the drug – aspirin, which are widely used in cosmetics:

– Cleans the skin

– Reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands

– Tightens pores

– Prevents ingrown hairs

– Reduces inflammation of the face

– Prevents the formation of acne and pimples

Regular cleaning of the face with aspirin reduces redness and various inflammatory irritations, leading to the gradual disappearance of acne, improves the complexion and skin elasticity!

Aspirin masks are recommended:

– For skin problems: pimples, acne, blackheads

– For oily skin: tighten pores and normalize sebaceous glands

– For older skin: restores elasticity and healthy complexion

Masks with aspirin are not recommended:

– Pregnant women

– Nursing mothers

– Allergy (and aspirin)

– If there are open wounds and cuts

Before you test the performance of the mask with aspirin on the face, test it on the inside of the upper arm. If during the day there has been no negative reaction – you can feel free to apply it on the face.

Mask with aspirin


1-2 tablets of aspirin

Some water

Teaspoon of honey


Crush the aspirins and put the powder into a glass bowl.

Add a few drops of water, stir.

Add a teaspoon of honey and stir it again.


Apply the mask to a cleansed face and hold it for about ten minutes.

Massage a little like when you exfoliate. Rinse your face.

Do not apply the mask to the area around the eyes, where the skin is very delicate.

At the beginning of the treatment the mask is used 2-3 times per week, for problematic skin. Later, it will be sufficient once a week.

After ten days you will see fantastic results: your facial skin will be restored, and the complexion even. Inflammation will disappear, and the pores will be cleared.

Variations of aspirin mask for dry and normal skin:

Mix the chopped 2-3 aspirin tablets with 1 tablespoon yogurt, kefir or sour cream. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. After this procedure, any small inflammation will disappear after the first treatment. The advantage of this mask is the fact that you can make it every other day.


Face masks with aspirin and a mask with algae are considered professional masks of the beauticians often recommended for cleaning the skin.

The effect of the mask with aspirin is not visible immediately, but 3-4 hours after the application.

Be patient and regularly use it and your skin will reward you with clean and healthy glow!


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