Let the weekend be only yours !

kafe dieta

Help your body in just three days to be returned in top form. The weekend menu contains many fruit, vegetables and liquids, as well as tea and coffee from barley (chicory).Daily menu contains between 1,000 and 1,200 calories, which is considerably less than the normal diet, which is why diet should not last more than three days. Upon completion, continue to eat light and healthy food, to maintain weight. In this diet especially important are pineapple, green tea and coffee from barley. Pineapple has a lot of minerals, water, fiber and enzymes, which ranks among the diuretics. diet Green tea, which contains no caffeine or thaine, removes toxins from the body. Drink it cold, preferably in the morning and afternoon. Coffee of barley does not contain caffeine and has the effect of purification and release of toxins. Coffee from barley can replace tea. Reduce food with a lot of salt and pepper, and drink at least a liter and a half of water per day. You can replace bread with potatoes. During the diet, you can drink cherry tea or tea made from corn, which are good against cellulite.


Breakfast: grapefruit juice, a cup of whole grain. Snack: coffee made from barley, fruit salad of kiwi, orange and strawberry. Lunch: salad of sweet anise, vegetable soup, mozzarella, a glass of juice kiwi. Dinner: mashed chives, grilled hake fillet, potato salad, kiwi.


Breakfast: a cup of coffee from barley, two biscuits. Snack: a cup of green tea without sugar, a cup of chopped pineapple into small pieces. Lunch: mixed salad, pasta with vegetables, parmesan cheese, a slice of pineapple. Dinner: vegetable soup, drumstick without skin, grated carrot salad, a slice of whole grain bread.


Breakfast: plain yogurt, a cup of various grains. Snack: a cup of green tea without sugar, two biscuits. Lunch: green salad, omelet with eggs, tomato and spinach, a piece of whole-wheat bread, apple. Dinner: rice with parsley salad, sweet anise (fennel) with chives, a slice of whole grain bread, pear.

Source: http://www.explosivewoman.com/

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