Lime Compounds Kill up to 98% of Leukemia Cells


Lime Compounds Kill up to 98% of Leukemia Cells in Vitro: In this just-published study, researchers discovered that limonoids extracted from the seeds of limes were extremely toxic to leukemia cells, killing 98% of them at very low doses. Limonoids are powerful antioxidants that have been shown in past studies to suppress breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer and liver cancer—and limonoids are found only in citrus fruits. Citrus fruits also contain powerful anti-cancer flavonoids, vitamin C and potassium, making them true super-foods against cancer. In fact, population studies have shown that citrus fruit consumption may lower pancreatic cancer risk by up to 48%, throat cancer risk by 58%, stomach cancer risk by 31% and breast cancer risk by up to 26%. And more relevant to this post, a study from the USA showed that children consuming orange juice or oranges/bananas at least 1-3 times weekly in early childhood saw their risk of childhood leukemia drop by about 50%. The benefits of this super fruit extend well beyond cancer: one recent study showed that adults drinking two cups daily of orange juice had 11% lower total cholesterol and 18% lower LDL cholesterol compared to non-consumers, while a very recent clinical trial showed that a citrus-based supplement (Diabetinol) may improve oral glucose tolerance test results in patients with type II diabetes.


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