Huge List 100+ Coconut Oil Uses (recipes included)

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Do you know that coconut oil has numerous purposes and can help you improve your health in various ways? One of the main benefits of coconut oil for which it is widely known are its ability to improve immunity system, nourish your skin and boost your energy. In the following text you can find over 100 uses of coconut oil.

The first thing that comes in our mind when someone mentions coconut oil is coconut oil as kitchen product and that is what you probably know. But what you don’t know and which will probably surprise you are its uses in the bathroom and around the home. There are so many uses of coconut oil that I personally use it literally from head to toe. I use it as a beauty product and I also use it for preparation for different types of food. You might not believe me but I purchase coconut oil by the gallon.

 100+ Coconut Oil Uses 

  1. Use coconut oil for cooking
  2. Use it to make Lotion Bars.
  3. Improve thyroid health
  4. Use it as deodorant
  5. Add it to your smoothies and boost your energy
  6. Polish your furniture with it.
  7. Oil pulling
  8. Use it for shaving
  9. Use it as product for hair treatment.
  10. As make up remover
  11. Improve your metabolism by adding it to you coffee or tea
  12. Prepare homemade toothpaste with it.
  13. Use it as natural lip balm
  14. Use it as frizz tamer
  15. Replace with Crisco/butter in baked goods
  16. Moisturizing Body Scrub
  17. Skin Moisturizer
  18. Substitute Cuticle Cream with it.
  19. Improve you immunity system.
  20. Season Cast Iron Cookware
  21. Prepare homemade cough syrup with it.
  22. Carrier oil when using essential oils.
  23. Use it for treatment of dandruff
  24. Use it as sunscreen (natural SPF of 4-6)
  25. For treatment of Alzheimer`s
  26. Polish your furniture with it.
  27. Use it as massage oil.
  28. Use in Homemade Cough Drops
  29. Use it to prepare healthy Coconut oil Chocolate
  30. Diaper rash
  31. Improves digestion
  32. Popping popcorn
  33. Aids Weight loss
  34. Use it to sooth cracked Skin
  35. Fight parasites with it.
  36. Hair Detangler
  37. Use it to prepare homemade magic shell for ice creams and treats.
  38. Prepare your own natural mascara.
  39. Use it to make natural eye liner.
  40. Grease pans
  41. Natural Lubricant (should not be used with latex)
  42. Oil Cleansing ( only for particular skin types)
  43. Used in Magnesium body Butter
  44. Homemade Coconut oil soap
  45. Use to help remove sticky stuff off furniture or household items
  46. Add 1 Teaspoon to Bath Water to Moisturize your Skin
  47. Belly Balm (helps to increase elasticity of skin during pregnancy)
  48. Healthy Chips
  49. Consume it regularly to lower bad cholesterol.
  50. Soothes bug bites
  51. The occupational health fried food like Coconut oil French fries
  52. Use it when you are preparing homemade mayonnaise
  53. Mix into Coconut Oatmeal
  54. Get rid of lice with it
  55. Use it to polis leather
  56. Remove rust with it
  57. Use it as healthy alternative for creamer in your coffee
  58. Get rid of constipation with it
  59. Use on scalp to reduce flakes or dandruff
  60. Add it to hair conditioner as leave
  61. Mix into  Homemade coconut butter to make it creamier
  62. Soothes cradle cap
  63. Get rid of acne with it
  64. Rub on cuts and scrapes to help heal
  65. Use it for cracked heels
  66. Use it to sooth a dry dog’s nose
  67. Remove chewing gums from your clothes
  68. Use it to prevent and fix split ends.
  69. Regular consumption is also proven to minimize heartburn symptoms.
  70. Clean excess make-up from make-up brushes
  71. Use on cracked dogs paws to help them heal
  72. Use it on household items as dust repellent
  73. Grease your bike`s chain with it
  74. Bath oil
  75. Reduces the swelling and inflammation of rashes
  76. Apply it on your eyelashes to improve their growth.
  77. Can be used on dry, sore nostrils for relief
  78. Get rid of soap scum in the bathroom
  79. Prevent hangnail
  80. Reduce dandruff
  81. Sooth chapped nose or lips.
  82. Soothes bee stings
  83. Lubricate zippers to help get them unstuck
  84. Used in sunscreen bars
  85. Add it to your dog`s meals and give him a shiny coat
  86. Applying to dry elbows can soften them
  87. Tattoo healer or moisturizer
  88. Lubricates kitchen appliances
  89. Use it to fade age or sun spots
  90. Lubricates snow shovels to ensure snow slides off
  91. Can be used on horses as a mane and tail conditioner
  92. Reduce fine lines with it since it has some anti-aging properties
  93. Use in Homemade hand scrubfor soft hands
  94. When put on an eggshell, it preserves egg quality and shelf life
  95. Helps ease symptoms of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
  96. Use it for treatment of athlete`s foot
  97. Helps to inhibit cold sores
  98. Breath freshener (add a drop of peppermint oil with coconut oil and swish in mouth!)
  99. It can also kill yeast infections
  100. Apply it under the eyes and make the dark circles disapper.
  101. Prepare coconut oil fudge
  102. Fix squeaky and sticky hinges
  103. Main ingredient in homemade Vapor Rub
  104. We can say that it can be used for EVERYTHING.


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