Did you ask your self what you should eat for breakfast ? Although you strictly follow the recommended morning diet from nutritionists, you are still feeling bad? Well find the culprit for that right now.

Feeling bloated ?

If you are feeling bloated don’t eat dairy products. You are feeling bloated when you eat diary products? Reason for that may be because you are not intolerance to lactose. Probably those upsets are related to the way of which the milk is produced, where fats that facilitate digestion are destroyed.

Feeling tired ?

Feeling tired? Then eat fruits. In case of lack of vitamin C, appetite and concentration falls down and you are feeling tired. It is quite understandable because that oxidant helps us to move in, strengthens the immune system and promotes assimilation of iron. So in the breakfast you should implement fruit. But if you mean of a apple or banana you will not solve the problem, because you will not bring sufficient amount of vitamin C.

So already from tomorrow introduce a fruits in your menu that are high in vitamin C such as kiwi, strawberries, orange.

You are under a stress ?

Stress is linked to lack of magnesium and vitamins from B group, which regulate heart rate, muscle tone and functioning of the nervous system. If you eat only processed grains (white bread, white flour cookies …) you will face a lack of these healthy substances. So start eating whole grain products combined with dried fruit, almonds, hazelnuts.


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